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Aloo Tikki

Our one of its kind Aloo Tikki is a combination of mashed potatoes, mild spices and condiments shaped to perfection. It can be relished as is with chutneys and sauces; and is best served with chickpea gravy as a tempting chaat. Aloo tikki can be used as a vital ingredient in various indian and international cuisine dishes.


  • Keep frozen at -18°C or below.
  • Shelf Life 18 Months.

Cooking Instruction

  • Heat edible oil to about 182°C.
  • Add the Tikkis straight from the freezer to the heated oil.
  • Gently shake the frying basket after 45 second to ensure even cooking.
  • Cook the Tikkis till desired colour and crispiness is attained (around 3minutes).