Neel Kotak


Mr. Neel Kotak , an IIT Bombay alumni, is the founder of Iscon Balaji Foods and a pivotal member of the team. Under him, Iscon Balaji Foods has become a 100 people strong organization, becoming today the largest manufacturers of potato flakes in India. He leads the team with a clear vision and with his entrepreneurial, aims to expand the company into multiple products and industries on the long run.

With more than 12 years of unparalleled experience in potato supply chain and processing, Mr. Karan Dhand is undoubtedly the spine of IBF. He is the key to our entire supply chain from farming potatoes at the farm level, to their production at the factory level and finally till the placement of the finished products in the freezers of our end users. Mr. Dhand’s out of the box thinking and passion towards his work motivates and inspires our team to march ahead confidently.

Karan Dhand