Our History

Iscon Balaji Foods, established in 2012, has proved to be a glorious alliance of food industry proficiency and exemplary business acumen. Balaji Wafers with their decades of priceless experience in cultivating and processing potatoes; and Iscon Group (an eminent real estate firm) with their unparalleled guidance and strategies have been our torchbearers throughout our journey, which evoked from manufacturing potato flakes.
Our valued founder parent company, Balaji Wafers produces 100,000 kgs of potato wafers and 500,000 kgs of savories per day and has established a praiseworthy market share, transcending other MNCs of the segment, in western India. Their unmatched experience of over 40 years in the potato industry continues to be the pivotal strength and asset of our firm, as we now venture into producing a new range of premium frozen potato delicacies.
Our potato flakes manufacturing plant in Anand uses 200,000 kgs of high solid potatoes everyday and caters to the requirements of esteemed snack manufacturing power houses and hotel industry giants in India; Haldiram, ITC and Bikaji, to name a few.
IBF’s potato farming spreads over 5000 acres of land and we are proud to be fondly associated with over 1000 farmers. Our end-to-end involvement helps us capitalize the supply chain, ensuring that our products reach the markets in their best quality, both within India and overseas.